Friday, September 21, 2012

Sibley's, The Store of the Century

Sibley's was a New York department store chain based in Rochester but with other locations exclusively in the state of New York.  The founders of the store were Rufus Sibley, Alexander Lindsay & John Curr.  These three had worked at Hogg, Brown and Taylor in Boston however like many people they wanted to go into business for themselves.  Thus the Sibley, Lindsay & Curr Company was born in 1868.  Over the years Sibley's was acquired by other company's until 2006 when it was absorbed into the collective that is known as Macy's.

Louise Moran, who was from Dresden, TN, had moved to Rochester in the 1950's to attend Nursing school.  She liked New York so much she married a doctor and has been living in the area ever since.  It's fairly certain we can credit her with making the purchase from Sibley's that led to this particular box being hoarded at the family home in Tennessee.  :)

Here is a closeup of the Sibley Logo:

1868 - Sibley's - 1968
Upstate New York's Store of the Century