Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From Cradle to Grave, Joseph Carl Kreusch Betz. 1904-1963

We like to go to estate sales and see what interesting things other people are trying to get rid of.  Back around 1997 we went to a sale that had a lot of old pictures and geegaws.  We don't usually buy anything because we have so much of our "stuff" that to bring in more just doesn't make sense.  But, I came across an old baby book that really was very special and a bargain at $2.  It probably meant a lot to me because I was pregnant at the time and I felt so sad that this baby book was being sold off.

The book is called His Majesty The King, Our Baby's Biography and this book is specifically about Joseph Carl Kreusch Betz, or as the inscription says inside "With sentiments of the season to H.R.H. Prince Josef Karl  Heir Apparent in Betz.  Dec. 25, 1904.  From Jos. Beardslee"  Joseph Betz was born on November 11, 1904 in Cleveland Ohio.  His parents were Arthur Burton Betz (1875-1947) and Edith Gertrude Kreusch (1877-1930).  Joseph had two sisters, Marion and Virginia.  

I did some research today and found that Joseph Betz died October 5, 1963.  He had married a woman named Dorothy Larson.  I've not been able to find anything that says they had children.  The obituary, which I've included in this post, doesn't mention children at all which makes me think that's why his baby book ended up in an estate sale.  Their were no "heirs apparent" to Joseph Carl Kreusch Betz. 

The baby book was at an estate sale in Memphis, TN.  In addition there was a photograph of a woman and baby inside the book.  I'm assuming it's Joseph and his mother Edith.  There are a lot of notations in this book along with photographs and even things that Joseph drew and his mother kept.  There are a lot of firsts, this is a baby book after all.  First tooth, first word (golly), first dog (Jackie), and more.  My scanner wouldn't cooperate so I had to take pictures instead.  Not as good, but at least I can post them and maybe someone, somewhere will find this page and say hey, I remember Joe.  He was alright. 

Joseph Carl Kreusch Betz and most likely his mother Edith.

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